There is More than One Formula for Success

Our experienced team partners with you to assess your turf challenges and develop a formula to help you find success. Analytic testing is performed to identify the specific growing issues you face. After results are expertly interpreted, Tyler will develop a specific formulation tailored to your turf challenge Low pH? Low iron? Low Phosphorous? We can blend a formula for that!

Analytical services are available to help determine the best formulations suited for your specific needs.

Expert Blending Services

  • Available for water-soluble, granular, and control-release fertilizers

  • Expert Analysis to Determine an Ideal Formulation

  • Technical Grade Elements and Micronutrients

  • Optimized Blends Created for Specific Requirements

  • Custom Blends with Herbicides Available

  • Large or Small Batches

Tyler manufactures its formulas to the highest quality standards. We know consistency is critical for your success. Our strict quality control ensures your custom blend will be the same time after time.

Partner With Us Today

Need a unique formulation? Our team will work with you to ensure you receive the most effective and highest quality blend to meet your specifications.