Fertilizers to Protect and Nourish Turf

The health of your turf can be compromised by traffic, weather, pests – not to mention golf clubs and cleats. Tyler’s water-soluble and granular turf formulations work hard to provide the optimal nutrition to keep your turf green, strong, and resistant to disease.  Our experts use their real-world experience to help keep your grass tougher and greener, no matter what side it’s on.

Masterblend Tyler fertilizer for golf courses

Product recommendations for golf courses.

Masterblend Tyler fertilizer for landscaping

Product recommendations for landscapes.

Masterblend Tyler fertilizer for public lands

Product recommendations for public lands.


Tyler also offers a full line of bulk amendments, minerals, grass seeds, micronutrients, fungicides, pesticides and chemicals to round out your turf care program.

Turf Care & Maintenance Products